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100% woolen fur coat with the black double-headed eagle

Product code: MA88320Y-6

100% woolen fur coat with the black double-headed eagle

Product code: MA88320Y-6
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Designer's commentThe collaboration's luxurious model - a white coat made of 100% wool with a large print of a black double-headed eagle.

The image of the double-headed eagle from ancient times was associated with the invincible power of the state. The symbol has a long history: one of the oldest depictions of the double-headed bird dates back to the XIII century B.C. and connected to the Indo-European Hittite civilization.

For the first time, the double-headed eagle as a symbol of the Russian state is found on the state seal of Ivan III. It is believed that the appearance of the double-headed eagle in the Russian state symbols, we owe Zoe Palaiologina - niece of the last Byzantine emperor, who married Ivan III and became Grand Princess of Moscow Sophia Palaiologina. According to one version, the Russian eagle prototype was the eagle of the Palaiologos dynasty of the Byzantine Empire.

Mila Marsel and Pyotr Aksenov decided to put a spectacular symbol of Russian heritage - a black double-headed eagle - on a fur coat made of 100% wool as an accent decor and emphasize the bold and bright character of its owner. The eagle is a symbol of power, might, strength of mind, and special majesty. Mila and Peter believe that all these qualities are inherent in the modern girl, who is on a par with men to achieve their goals and not afraid to be themselves. In this model,

Russian traditions go hand in hand with innovative technology: 100% wool coat is a unique creation of MILAMARSEL brand. In terms of thermal properties and appearance, it is absolutely identical to real fur, being able withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees, but is completely environmentally friendly and meets the global trend of the fashion industry for sustainable development

Besides, every detail of the model - a handmade piece of jewelry. Buttons with the logo were made in a single copy, as well as the image of an eagle was painstakingly applied by hand to each product. Fur coat deliberately goes without lining so that you can appreciate the unique design skills.
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