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Mila Marsel

Mila Marsel

When creating this new collection I set myself a brave and ambitious challenge: to prove myself that Russia is fresh, fashionable, and relevant.

Every country is famous for its techniques, crafts and national characteristics, and Russia is undeservedly forgotten, unable to enjoy mass popularity. Meanwhile, our country has great historical and cultural potential, setting it apart from other countries and forms the basis of a unique identity.

Russia itself serves as my main inspiration. "Made in Russia" is more than a slogan, it's a loud statement, declaring that all my MILAMARSEL collections are a reflection of the deep connection with the native area and the use of its unique resources. When creating this new collection, I worked with old Russian factories and re-imagined age-old Russian techniques and crafts, integrating them into a fashion context. Russian images, motifs and symbols, which are an integral part of our rich culture, are embodied in the collection.

Russian motifs and exclusive design go hand in hand with innovative technology in my collections. I created an autumn-winter outerwear collection especially for the Russian winter, taking into account Russian weather conditions.

I was born in Murmansk and I know firsthand what a real Russian winter feels like. Russia's cold season lasts nine months, so the development of outerwear is a space for a designer's inspiration. It is not only a wide variety of models, but also constant work with new technologies that allow you to make outerwear as practical, functional and suitable as possible for all weather conditions.

MILAMARSEL outerwear is another reason to fall in love with the beautiful Russian winter forever and spend the cold season beautifully, stylishly and comfortably!

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