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Double-coloured puffer jacket with an eye

Product code: MA8659-1B

Double-coloured puffer jacket with an eye

Product code: MA8659-1B
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Designer's commentRussian classical works are something which we are particularly proud of and are a symbol of the rich culture of Russia. The jewel in the crown of Russian culture is the immortal "War and Peace" by the great writer Leo Tolstoy.

His love for the works of Tolstoy is what inspired Peter Axenoff when creating this collection, which is dedicated to the iconic novel. It was born out of co-operation with the British Broadcasting Corporation. Peter created the jewellery for the main characters in the BBC's new screen adaptation of "War and Peace".

One of the unique pieces of this collection is an enamel brooch with the image of an eye, decorated with blue topaz. The miniature model of a woman's eye or "Guardian Eye" came into fashion in the 19th century, having become a lover's symbol. When seeing a husband or fiance off to war, this miniature of a lady was personally sewn into his uniform.

For the Mila MarseL x Axenoff limited edition collection, designer Mila Marsel and jeweller Peter Axenoff decided to put this image on winter down jackets, created especially for the Russian winter, in order to highlight the Russian nature of the collection and pay tribute to the invaluable Russian heritage. The print on the back of the down jacket is decorated with pearls, making it more touching and delicate.

References to Russian culture in this model are organically intertwined with modern trends and innovated technology.

The practical water-repellent material and filling made of selective, premium quality down which stays in position is responsible for the adaptability of this model. All thanks to the fact that the inner layer of the down jacket is filled with down and another layer, where the design is applied, is sewn on top. Every layer of the jacket is manufactured using high tech breathable material, creating an air cushion inside the product which both provides comfort in cold weather and allows the down and the skin underneath to breathe. This down jacket is composed of 90% down and 10% feathers, guaranteeing excellent thermal properties.

Current trends are embodied here in a glossy texture with a gradient effect, which beautifully shimmers in the rays of the winter sun, as well as a delicate pastel palette and a highly fashionable oversized silhouette.

This down jacket will be the jewel in the crown of your outerwear collection and will be the reason for you to fall in love with the real Russian winter forever.
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