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100% woolen fur coat with the silvery double-headed eagle

Product code: MA88320Y-50

100% woolen fur coat with the silvery double-headed eagle

Product code: MA88320Y-50
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Designer's commentThe most exquisite and expensive item in the Mila MarseL x Axenoff collection is a 100% wool coat with a double-headed silver eagle. It is an exceptional combination of modern trends, high technology, exclusive design in the Russian style and indigenous Russian crafts, which are embodied in the actual and fresh interpretation.

Torzhok gold-seamstresses took part in the creation of the model. Torzhok in the Tver region is the only factory that has preserved an absolutely unique Russian craft since the XII century. And up to now, masters of the factory work with threads, which contain from 5 to 8% of gold, and use the ancient method of sewing "in attachment", when the metal thread is not passed through the fabric and is attached to its surface by transverse silk threads.

Earlier Torzhok seamstresses repeatedly received orders from the Russian court. They were ordered ceremonial dresses for members of the ruling dynasty and noble Petersburg persons. The seamstresses embroidered costumes for the royal family, uniforms for the numerous retinue and dresses for the queen's ladies-in-waiting.

The collaboration of Mila Marsel and Pyotr Aksenov with the Torzhok factory is a fantastic opportunity to emphasize the royal character of the product and its owner and the desire to revive the precious Russian craft, building it into a fashionable context.

The double-headed eagle on the coat is embroidered with gold threads, which contain 6% white gold. Besides, here, the authentic antique sewing technique is organically combined with inlaid with modern Swarovski stones. This combination makes the product unique and turns it into a luxurious symbol of Russia's royal heritage. In this model,

Russian traditions go hand in hand with innovative technology: 100% wool coat is a special creation of MILAMARSEL brand. In terms of thermal properties and appearance, it is identical to real fur. It can withstand temperatures down to -30 degrees, and is completely environmentally friendly, and meets the fashion industry's global trend for sustainable development.

Besides, every detail of the model - a handmade piece of jewelry. Buttons with the logo were made in a single copy, as well as the image of an eagle was painstakingly applied by hand to each product. Fur coat deliberately goes without lining so that you can appreciate the unique design skills.
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